Ep. #11 — “Fyre Festival”

“The biggest party that never was”…This week we discuss one of the most hottest topics right now known as “Fyre Festival”. Show notes are listed below. You don’t wanna miss

#3rdfloorpod Episode 11:
We kick the show off shining a spotlight on The Thurman Cafe in historic German Village – Located at 183 Thurman Ave, Columbus, OH. Opened in 1942 by Nick Suclescy and passed down through the family. www.thethurmancafe.com
The Thurman Cafe is home to a massive burger challenge named “The Thurmanator”… 24oz of burger patty! Thanks to Adam Richman frommanvsfood for the shout-out in season 1 ep 4.
Mike and Todd discuss what their experience was like, from the atmosphere to the food… Evan is planning his visit. Attached is a picture of Mike eating the classic Thurman Burger (still huge!)… and if you like Long Islands I’ll be the first to tell you, they do’em right! The waitstaff is friendly and funny – We ordered two waters and they arrived with the message “two absolutes (vodka) with Ice”
Be prepared for a wait (about 30-45min) BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT!!! Be sure to check out The Thurman Cafe next time you’re in German Village

Fyre Festival:
Who – Billy McFarland / Ja Rule / Fyre Media
What – Promoted as the greatest music festival of our generation… that never was.
When – 2017
Where – Great Exuma in the Bahamas.
Why – The festival was set to promote Fyre Media but we were left with so so so so so many questions. Why didn’t they cancel? Why didn’t they give more time to prepare? Why did they lie?… Listen for our take!

youtu.be/UBPg5ftCMv8 – Internet Historian
en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fyre_Festival – Wikipedia
Netflix Documentary
Hulu Documentary

Disclaimer:   We do not own or claim to own the rights related to the image used to promote this episode


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